Hearing Aid Fitting

Diagnostic Services

  • Comprehensive hearing evaluations
    • Ages 3 and up, welcoming non-English speakers.
  • Specialty testing as needed
    • e.g., speech in noise testing, tinnitus matching
  • VNG (Videonystagmography) evaluation for dizziness and imbalance

Hearing Aid Services

  • No cost hearing aid demonstrations and one week at-home trials of the latest technology.
  • Individualized hearing aid consultations and counseling
  • Hearing aid fittings and orientation
  • Verification of hearing aid programming and function (using Real Ear Measures)
  • Programming adjustments for most major hearing aid manufacturers
  • In-office repairs
    • e.g., cleaning and troubleshooting, speaker replacement, earmold tubing replacement

Custom Hearing Protection

  • Custom earplugs for noise, including filtered musician’s and shooter’s plugs
  • Custom swim plugs
  • Custom earbuds for headphones, including wireless Bluetooth headphones
  • Earmold impressions for professional musician’s monitors

Assistive Listening Devices & Hearing Aid Accessories

  • Bluetooth accessories for TV and cell phone use
  • Alerting devices (alarm clocks, smoke detectors, etc.)
  • Hearing aid batteries, domes, and wax filters